What’s going on this week? – May 4th

¡Hola a todos!
Ya tenemos ganador para el concurso de #Selfilla. ¡Felicidades Molly Horowitz!
Esta noche pondremos fin a nuestro programa de intercambios ¡no os lo perdáis! Entregaremos el premio a la mejor pareja de intercambios y  habrá muchas más sorpresas. Esperamos que vengáis con ganas y con hambre :)
También tenéis tiempo aún de apuntaros a la cena de despedida. No perdáis la oportunidad de compartir con nosotros vuestras expericias durante el semestre.
¡Pasad una buena semana!

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Hello everyone!
We already have the winner for the #Selfilla contest. Congratulations Molly Horowitz!
Tonight our intercambio program comes to an end, don’t miss it! We will hand in the prize for the best intercambio partner and there will be more surprises. We hope you are willing to come and hungry :)
Remember that you still have time to sign up for the farewell dinner. Do not miss the opportunity to share with us your experiences during the semester.
Have a good week!


Linguistic Resource Center:
The tutorial service will be offered at the following times only:
Mondays: 11 am-1 pm
Tuesdays: 4 pm-5 pm
Wednesdays: 11 am-1 pm

USS: May 6th and 7th.
CEA & UPO: From May 18th to May 22nd.

Program ends for ASL&C students on May 8th:
Move out from CEA housing before 12 pm.


ASL&C students- APARTMENTS ONLY: Final check out

The mandatory inspections will be done on Thursday May 7th between 9 a.m. and 6:00 p.m and they should be set up by Tuesday May 5th. Please, contact the housing department via e-mail or stop by the office to arrange the visit ASAP if you have not done it yet.


The end of the semester is approaching. What are you going to do with all the things you have accumulated over the past 4 months?
If you want to donate anything, clothes, half empty toiletries, unused razors, shoes, sheets, towels, etc. Please, drop them off at CEA so we can donate them to an NGO!

Study Abroad — it can last a life-time

Learn about how to continue making this study abroad experience meaningful for you by discussing some tips for re-entry. In this meeting, you will also learn about how to become a member of the CEA Alumni Ambassador club and other ways to perhaps have another living abroad experience. In the past some Alumni Ambassadors have been able to get an internship credit, benefit from influential letters of recommendation for graduate studies and as job references, participate in career-building workshops and even land Internship Abroad opportunities with our organization. The meeting will take place on May 5th at the CEA Seville Center at 7pm. Please, confirm your attendance by emailing staff.seville@gowithcea.com 

Student Services

What: Intercambio activity
When: Monday, May 4th at 6:30 pm.
Where: CEA study center
Description: Final potluck. Enjoy the last session of the intercambio program by sharing with us some food from your home country. You will also have the opportunity to taste Spanish food. We will announce the winner of the #Selfilla and The Best Intercambio of the Semester contests during the event. We will also have some special activities to make this session memorable.

What: Farewell dinner
When: Thursday, May 7th.
Where: Restaurante Voraz, Calle Virgen de la Oliva s/n (Dentro del parque de Los Príncipes)
Optional meeting point: Torre del Oro at 9 pm.
Description: Come to our reception to say goodbye to your friends and share your memories with us.


Looking for volunteers to help in OPERACION KILO May 8 and 9th. This is a yearly event sponsored by the local food bank and is held at large supermarkets where shoppers can donate food stuffs as they do their shopping. CEA has been asked to participate by naming volunteers in this cherity event. We are looking for several volunteers for a 2-3 hour shift asking for donations. If you are available the weekend of May 8th and 9th and have some free time, please sign-up for a shift. Those interested can talk to Mary Alice.

Mandala Solidario – Help Nepal

We have a money box at the reception to collect donations for Nepal after the catastrophic earthquake that killed over 2000 people. You can also buy mandalas and help us create a huge mandala as a symbol of solidarity. All the money collected will be donated for this cause.

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