Tapas Bar Recommendation

Why don’t you try one of these famous tapas bar in Seville??? They all feature their own distinctive menus and are popular among locals and the CEA staff!

blanco cerrillo

Tapas bar recommendation:  Robles
Location:Calle Conteros, 12Casa-Robles
Enjoy nices tapas in one of the most popular bar in the city


Tapas bar recommendation: Tommy Mel’s
 Tommy Mel's
If you feel a little homesick you should try this American diner on  Calle Rico Cejudo, just in front of El Corte Inglés de Nervión.

Tapas bar recomendation for the week: La Azotea sevilla-la_azotea
Description: La Azotea is not a tapas bar but a nice restaurant where you can enjoy amazing meals, if you ever go there do not forget to order “los saquitos de queso” for a starter and as a dessert “the coulant du chocolate”
Location: Jesús del Gran Poder, 31
Telephone:955 11 67 48

Tapas bar: Japanese restaurant SamuraiSamurai
Location: In calle Salado number 6, (Triana) you can enjoy a really good menu at a great price, try it

Tapas bar for the weekend:
Pura Tasca, this is the place to go in Triana!!!Pura tasca
Location: Numancia st. number 5


Tapas bar recommendation: El Rinconcillotabernarestaurante-el-rinconcillo_3251361
This Tavern-Restaurant is a classic of tapas and eating in Seville. Its centric location, its tradition and good performance makes it a ’must’ visit not only for the foreigners, but also for the native of Seville. A place for gatherings, Holly Week fans, and frequented by all type of famous people, where generations of sevillian people follow from grandparents to parents and from parents to their children.
Location: Calle Gerona, 40

Tapas bar recommendation: La Estraza

Location: Calle Feria, 96 la estraza
Description: this is a nice place with cool music (basically rock and roll) and really interesting dishes check it out!

This week we would like to recommend you to enjoy the traditionals stops in the most famous cafes in the city and have there a tipical desserts, torrijas, pestiños, etc. enjoy it!la campana
Places to stop by: Ochoa, in Calle Sierpes, 45 ; La Campana, in Calle Sierpes, 1

Tapas bar recommendation: Bar Alcoy
Address: Calle Teodosio, 66alcoy 10
This bar has the best goat cheese tapa ever!!!

Tapas bar recomendation: Casa Morales
Location: Calle García de Vinuesa, 11Bodeguita morales
Description: this is without any doubt one of the most typical tapas bars in the city, there you can enjoy many types of “montaditos” surronded by old wine barrels, pretty cool!

Tapas bar recommendation: La Piamontesa
Description: Italian restaurant, amazing building, very romantic!
Location: Calle de Alfonso XII, 13la piamontesa

Tapas bar recommendation: Mia Tana,mia tana
Calle de Pérez Galdós, 24 41004
(Located in La Alfalfa)
Delicious Italian food at a great price!

Tapas bar recommendation: El Rincón de Murillo Calle Lope de Rueda (Right next to CEA!)bar murillo
This place has some great typical tapas and local meats and cheeses. Check it out between classes!

Tapas bar recommendation: Chocolatería Asunción
Location: Vigen de Lujan, 41virgen de lujan chocolateria
Description: this is the most traditional place to have churros con chocolate in the city, try it!!


Location: Calle San Luis, 50
Description: The menu changes daily based on what the chefs find in the local markets… aka, fresh food!

Tapas bar recommendation: Bar Alfalfabar alfalfa
Location: Calle Candilejo, 1
Classic bar in La Alfalfa with great tapas with an Italian twist!

Tapas bar recommendation: Bar Avelino          

Location: Calle Imaginero Fernández-Andes, 1
Description: This is a really cheap place, to hang out on a sunny day or lazy evening, full of young people, enjoy it!

Deo TapasDeÓ Tapas Bar
Location: Virgen del Valle, 10 (Los Remedios)
Description: This is a new chic tapas bar and restaurant which offers a relaxing environment while you are enjoying a traditional Sevillian meal

La cacharreriaTapas bar recommendation: La Cacharrería
Location: Calle Regina, 14
Description: This is the very best place to have authentic carrot cake! It is quite small but charming place to hang out! Seriously, best cakes in the city!

Tapas bar recommendation: SidoniaSidonia
Location: Calle Calatrava, 16 (Alameda)
Description: This is a cosy place to have a really good lunch or dinner, great service, great enviroment and great food, what else can you ask for? 🙂

el loco sibarita

Tapas bar recommendation: En la espero te esquina
Location: Corral del Rey, 1037188-en_la_espero_te_esquina_no
Remember to try their famous “esquinas”!!




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